Auto Frozen Meat Dicing Machine Meat Cube Cutter Machine

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1. This frozen meat dicing machine can be efficiently applied in the processing fields of poultry dicing, pork ribs dicing, pork belly dicing, trotter dicing and so on; it is an indispensable equipment in the deep processing of frozen meat!
2. It is suitable for one-time forming of frozen meat cuts from zero to minus 5 degrees;
3. Independent feeding mechanism module, which can be quickly disassembled and cleaned;
4. The protective cover has a protective sensor switch, and the machine will automatically stop when the cover is opened;
5. Automatic lubrication system, automatic alarm and shutdown due to lack of oil.

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Features of meat stripe cutting machine

1. The whole meat dicing machine is made of food-grade 304 stainless steel, and the working platform and material contact surface are made of food-specific materials.

2. The numerical control system and the power distribution cabinet use waterproof materials to effectively waterproof and moisture-proof the electrical appliances.

3. The tool is made of internationally imported alloy material, which is highly resistant to wear and rust.

4. The whole meat cube cutter machine can be directly washed and disinfected with high-pressure water gun.

5. This equipment has a continuous feeding function, and the upper pressing material is fed by a stainless steel barbed chain, which prevents the material from slipping during feeding.

6. This meat cube cutter also has the function of adjusting the knife speed, and the automatic forward and backward function of the feeding conveyor belt.

7. The length of cutting and conveying can be adjusted freely through the numerical control system.


Model QDJ400
Rated voltage 380V/3P 50HZ
Total power 4KW
Knife speed 30-80 times/minute (adjustable)
Blade Length 450mm
Effective cutting width 400mm
Dimensions 1200mm*780mm*1400mm
Feeding method continuous

Detail drawing

frozen meat  cube

Frozen meat  cube

frozen meat dicer

Frozen meat dicer

frozen meat dicing machine

Frozen meat dicing machine

meat dicer(1)

Meat dicer

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meat dicer1

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nugget production line4
nugget production line5
nugget production line6
nugget production line7

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