Frozen Meat Blocks Bonein Boneless Meat Dicing Machine Cutter

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The frozen meat dicing machine can process cold, fresh meat and semi-thawed meat, and can also be cut into cuboids or cubes of different sizes and shapes according to customer requirements. It can also be processed into strips and sheets in various shapes. Among them, the thickness of the finished sheet is as thin as 2mm. Its application scope includes dehydrated vegetables, quick-frozen vegetable processing factories and food pickle industry to process all kinds of root and stem vegetables into cubes and cuboids, as well as dicing of pigs, cattle, sheep and other meats, etc.

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Features of meat stripe cutting machine

1. It adopts PLC program control design, which is easy to operate and reasonable in design. It can adjust the knife speed and the accuracy of the 6 sides of the meat block in the automatic pre-compression system.

2. Fresh meat does not need to be frozen in advance, and the product can meet the needs of cutting raw meat in various states evenly.

3. Compress the product to a greater extent before cutting, even if it is higher than the feeding port, there is no need for pre-cutting. The cutting speed is 50-120 times/min.

4. The one-handed operating system makes the operation more convenient. One-handed operation of the circular wrench can control the sliding compression cover of the material inlet. The compression cover is close to the material inlet. The operator can take out the material in the material cart with the left hand and put it into the feeding feed port.

5. The compressive machine structure saves space, and the machine parts can be easily disassembled, which is convenient for cleaning residues in the gaps of the machine.

6. The equipment can work continuously in the environment of 5-10 ℃ and condensation

7. There is an emergency stop button at a convenient location, and a safety device for electrical and mechanical interlocking, which can effectively protect accidental personal injury and height-adjustable feet.

Precautions for using frozen meat dicing machine

1. Adjust the cutting thickness knob to change the advancing speed of the meat push rod to meet different cutting thickness requirements.

2. Adjust the pre-pressure knob to keep the product consistent during the cutting process.

3. Adjust the meat push rod to a stepping motion, which can minimize the extrusion of the product during the cutting process when the single-edged cutting is used.

4. One side of the cutting groove adopts a movable side pressure mechanism, which is convenient for feeding and improves work efficiency


Model QDJ400
Rated voltage 380V/3P 50HZ
Total power 4KW
Knife speed 30-80 times/minute (adjustable)
Blade Length 450mm
Effective cutting width 400mm
Dimensions 1200mm*780mm*1400mm

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