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Fine processing of fresh raw materials such as livestock meat, poultry meat, and fish meat. This meat slicer machine can also realize the cutting of chicken breast butterfly heart-shape.

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Features of chicken breast slicing machine

1.The beef or other meat passes through the conveyor belt and is clamped by the guide bar, and the meat is sliced and cut.
2.Accurate cutting quality, the thinnest can reach 3mm, multi-layer slicing, high efficiency, up to 7 layers.
3.Products of different thicknesses can be cut by changing the knife holder.
4.Adopt non-slip belt, long service life and accurate cutting. Easy to operate.
5.Lightweight overturning structure, more convenient for tool replacement and cleaning.

Applicable situation

Meat food processing plants, restaurants and hotels, small private processing workshops, canteens, poultry farms, etc.

Detail drawing

beef slicing machine

Beef slicing machine

beef slicing machine belt

Beef slicing machine belt

beef slicing

Beef slicing

single channel fresh meat slicing machine

Single channel fresh meat slicing machine

How to use this machine

1. Clean the meat slicer machine in time

Depending on the usage, the slicer needs to remove the knife guard for cleaning in about a week, and it needs to be cleaned more frequently in summer due to the temperature to keep it hygienic. When cleaning, the power must be unplugged. It is strictly forbidden to wash with water. Clean only with a damp cloth and dry with a dry cloth.

2. Regular refueling

Add oil, lubricating oil or sewing machine oil once a week, otherwise the service life of the machine will be lost. The semi-automatic slicer is oiled on the stroke axis.

3. Sharpen the knife

If the meat is uneven in thickness, unrolled, or has a lot of minced meat, the knife needs to be sharpened. When sharpening the knife, the oil stains on the blade should be removed first.


Model FQJ200
Belt Width 160mm(dual belt)
Belt Speed 3-15m/min
Cutting Thickness 3-50mm
Cutting Speed 120pcs/min
Material Width 140mm
Height(input/output) 1050±50mm
Power 1.7KW
Dimension 1780*1150*1430mm

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