Automatic China Chicken Breast Slicing Machine for meat factories

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The double-channel chicken breast slicer can finely process fresh raw materials such as livestock meat, poultry meat and fish meat. It can also realize the cutting and processing of butterfly hearts of chicken breasts. The cutting process is the complete chicken and duck breasts are placed on the conveyor belt of the machine, and the chicken breasts are cut after the conveyor belt passes over.

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Features of chicken breast slicing machine

1. The product passes through the conveyor belt and is clamped by the guide bar, and the meat is sliced and cut.
2. Accurate cutting quality, the thinnest can reach 3mm, multi-layer slicing, high efficiency, up to 8 layers.
3. Double channel operation, high output, up to 1.2 tons per hour.
4. Products of different thicknesses can be cut by changing the knife holder.
5. The electrical parts are all domestic and foreign first-line brands such as Siemens, Hepmont Inverter, Weidmuller, etc. The waterproof level of the motor is IP65, which ensures that the control part is durable and has a low failure rate.

Applicable situation

Meat food processing plants, restaurants and hotels, small private processing workshops, canteens, poultry farms, etc.

Detail drawing

chicken breast slicing

Chicken breast slicing

double channel meat slicing machine

Double channel meat slicing machine

meat slicer part

Meat slicer part

How to use this chicken breast slicer

1. The chicken breast slicer is installed stably and does not affect normal operation.
2. During the test process, the blade rotates normally and there is no abnormal sound.
3. Adjust the required thickness of the blade before the machine starts working, then turn on the machine. Do not touch the blade with your hands when slicing.
4. When the slicer is running, the operator must personally operate it on site, and the machine must not be handed over to workers who are not familiar with the operation.
5. The blade must be cleaned when the power is off.


Model FQJ200-2
Belt Width 160mm(dual belt)
Belt Speed 3-15m/min
Cutting Thickness 3-50mm
Cutting Speed 120pcs/min
Material Width 140mm
Height(input/output) 1050±50mm
Power 1.7KW
Dimension 1780*1150*1430mm

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Product Display
Product Display1

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