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This meat stripe cutting machine uses international advanced design, mainly used for slicing and stripping boneless meat, poultry, fish and animal viscera, with good quality and high output.


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Features of meat stripe cutting machine

1.Accurate cutting width, the narrowest can reach 5mm, multi-piece cutting, high efficiency. It can also be designed to cut products with different width combinations according to production needs.
2. The width of the cut product can be adjusted by changing the knife holder or knife spacer.
3. The floating unloader design prevents the cut meat from sticking to the knife.
4. The structural design of the spray, the cut meat section is smooth.
5. Modular mesh belt is adopted, with long service life.
6. With safety protection device.
7. Made of stainless steel and engineering plastics, in line with HACCP requirements.
8. It can be connected with the strip cutting machine to produce strip and block products.
9. It can be connected with the slitting machine to produce strip products or block products with the same size.

Maintenance of meat cutting machine

1.Bearings, chains, sprockets, and gears should be lubricated regularly, and blunt blades can be sharpened with grinding wheels and oil stones.
2.If the length of the transmission belt causes insufficient cutting force of the blade, it can be overcome by adjusting the tension of the belt. (Note: Be sure to cut off the power before disassembling the case.)

Detail drawing

meat stripe slicer cutter  (1)

Meat stripe slicer cutter

meat stripe slicer cutter  (2)

Meat stripe slicer cutter

SEIMENS control board

SEIMENS control board

The cleaning method

1.After cutting off the power supply, to disassemble the conveyor belt, you need to unscrew the screws on the side. The knife is easy to disassemble and easy to clean.
2. For the dismantled conveyor belt, the blades should be rinsed with water or soaked in water. The cleaning of the blade is particularly important, and water can be used to repeatedly rinse the blade from the feeding port.


Model QTJ500
Belt Width 500mm
Belt Speed 3-18m/min Adjustable
Cutting Thickness 5-45mm(70mm customized)
Cutting Capacity 500-1000kg/h
Raw Material Width 400mm
Height(input/output) 1050±50mm
Power 1.9KW
Dimension 2100x850x1200mm


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Auto Meat Stripe Cutter Machine Meat Slicer Machine For Sale
Auto Meat Stripe Cutter Machine Meat Slicer Machine For Sale

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Auto Meat Stripe Cutter Machine Meat Slicer Machine For Sale

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