China Industrial Slicer Machine for Irregular Beef Pork Meat Piece

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The industrial slicer for irregular meat adopts international advanced design, which is composed of disc knife, cutter stick and movable baffle. It is mainly used for slicing boneless fresh meat, poultry, fish and animal offal.

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Features of beef slicer machine

1. Use conveyor belt to feed and discharge. The product is cut neatly, easy to operate, and can realize fast packaging of the product.
2. The slice thickness can be made according to the user's requirements, and different knife sets can be quickly replaced to meet the slice requirements of various specifications of the user.
3. It can quickly disassemble the feeding and discharging conveyor belt and the round blade group, which is convenient for cleaning and meets the requirements of food hygiene.
4. The whole machine adopts waterproof design, made of all stainless steel, and the machine can be washed directly with water.

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pork slicing machine
machine part

Advancement of meat slicer machine

1. Adopt a special design of knife heads for irregular meat like beef, pork, mutton, chicken etc.
2. The speed is adjusted by the frequency converter, and the thickness of the cutting items is uniform.
3. The arc-shaped special blade is used, the cutting surface is smooth, and there are few scraps.
4. Equipped with a safety button, the whole device will automatically power off when the door is opened.
5. Floating net belt design is suitable for different thickness of meat;
6. Imported washboard belt, long service life;
7. Using SIEMENS electrical components, with protective devices, in line with CE standards.


Model FQJ200
Belt Width 160mm( single belt)
Belt Speed 3-15m/min
Cutting Thickness 3-50mm
Cutting Speed 60pcs/min
 Raw Material Width 140mm
Height(input/output) 1050±50mm
Power 1.29KW
Dimension 1780*900* 1430mm


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