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GFJ600ⅤFlouring coating machine can coat small crispy meat, chicken popcorn, boneless chicken tenderloin, wing root and other products.

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Features of chicken breast slicing machine

1. Excellent equipment structure and performance, the lifting part is equipped with powder returning screw and regulating plate, which can effectively control the powder amount;
2. The operation is simple, and the output mesh belt is equipped with a waste discharge screw, which can effectively reduce the powder blocking phenomenon of the mesh belt;
3. The powder feeding rate can reach 95%, thus improving the production capacity and product quality, effectively reducing production costs and maximizing customer benefits;
4. The flouring coating machine can be used by one click or directly linked with equipment such as battering machine and frying machine, without intermediate conveyor belt;
5. The electrical parts are all domestic and foreign first-line brands such as Siemens, Hepmont Inverter, Weidmuller, etc., to ensure that the control part is durable and has a low failure rate;

The maintenance of flouring coating machine

1.After using the flouring coating machine, it is necessary to clean the equipment to prevent the flour from blocking the gap of the chain.
2. When cleaning the equipment, pay attention to the power distribution box to prevent water droplets from dripping on the power distribution box, which will affect the use of the circuit inside and avoid burning out the electrical appliances.

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Food Flouring Coating
commercial flour coating machine


Model GFJ-600V
Belt Width 600mm
Belt Speed 3-15m/min Adjustbale
Input height 1050±50mm
Output heigt 1040±50mm
Power 8.5KW
Dimension 4900 x 1800 x 2200mm

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