Battering Coating Machine for Chicken Breast Burger Patty Meat Stripes

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The batter machine is used to evenly coat the batter on chicken, beef, pork, fish and shrimp and other seafood products through the batter curtain and the batter bath at the bottom. It is suitable for the process before breading and flouring.


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Features of chicken breast slicing machine

1. The drenched products pass through horizontally without disrupting the arrangement of the products.
2. Simultaneously sizing the surface and back of the product by circulating the pump.
3. Before the equipment works, inject the prepared slurry into the slurry tank (there is a slurry filter cover in the slurry tank, and the slurry depth must not be without a filter cover), start the conveyor belt, start the slurry pump, and adjust the slurry inlet valve. The flow rate makes the spraying system form a uniform waterfall, covering the entire width of the mesh belt, and the product can be put into it for sizing.
4. During the sizing process, according to the sizing situation, properly adjust the conveying speed of the mesh belt and the position of the air knife, so that the products are neatly arranged and fully coated. The air volume can be controlled by adjusting the air volume regulating valve on the air pipe to avoid Too much slurry enters the next process, resulting in waste.


Applicable scope

1. Battering for strip, block and sheet products;

2. Wrapping of bread crumbs on the surface of shrimp, butterfly shrimp, fish fillets and fish blocks during the deep processing of aquatic products;

The Difference Between Battering Machine and Tempura Battering Machine

There are two types of battering coating machines, one is the battering machine, which is suitable for the paste of products with relatively thin and thinner pastes, and the other is the tempura battering machine, which is suitable for high-viscosity products. The use of thin or thick products depends on the customer's production process requirements.


/Model LJJ-600
Belt Width 600mm
Belt Speed 3-15m/min Adjustbale
Input height 1050±50mm
Output heigt 800-1000mm
Power 2.17KW
Dimension 1800×1050×1490mm


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