Industrial Tempura Battering Machine Batter Coating Machine For Food factories

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The tempura battering machine can automatically complete the battering process of the product. After battering, the product will go through processes such as holding sizing, wind blowing, squeegeeing, and conveyor belt separation to prevent excessive slurry from entering the next process.


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Features of chicken breast slicing machine

1. The gap between the upper and lower mesh belts is adjustable, and the product has a wide range of applications;
2. It can be connected with forming machine, flouring coating machine, breading machine and other equipment to realize the production of different products.
3. NJJ600 tempura machine coats evenly on chicken, beef, pork, fish, shrimp and other products through the bottom sizing tank.
It is suitable for the process before flouring and breading.
4. Powerful blower removes excess slurry;
5. Easy to operate and adjust, reliable;
6. Have a reliable safety protection device;
7. The whole machine is made of stainless steel, detachable and easy to clean.

Applicable situation

Meat food processing plants, restaurants and hotels, small private processing workshops, canteens, poultry farms, etc.

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tempura battering machine

After-sale Service

1.All products of our company have a one-year warranty period, and the wearing parts of the equipment are provided randomly. For failures caused by product quality problems during the product warranty period, our company provides maintenance services and replaces components and accessories free of charge. After the warranty period, we promise to provide the spare parts required for maintaining the equipment at the cost price of the spare parts.
2.Customized products can be customized according to customer requirements, and the products are packaged according to wooden boxes, wooden frames, and laminated films.
3.All products are shipped with detailed instructions and some vulnerable parts, and provide knowledge training on product use, maintenance, repair, maintenance and routine troubleshooting to ensure that users can use our products correctly.


/Model NJJ-600
Belt Width 600mm
Belt Speed 3-15m/min Adjustbale
Input height 1050±50mm
Output heigt 800-1000mm
Power 2.17KW
Dimension 3100x1120x1400mm

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