Patties Chicken Nuggets Drumsticks Breadcrumbs Coating Machine in China

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The breadcrumbs wrapping machine is mainly aimed at the processing of seasoned meat products such as boneless chicken wicker and snowflake chicken wicker which are popular in the market. Meat skewers and other products are treated with crumbs and bran. The mesh-belt-type chicken wicker bran wrapping machine coats the bread bran evenly on the product through the bread bran leaked from the hopper and the bread bran on the lower mesh belt, and the finished product (chicken wicker) can completely maintain the shape of snowflake bran , has a three-dimensional effect, and through manual placement, the chicken strips wrapped in bran are plump and straight, and can be placed directly on a plate for quick freezing.

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Features of Bread crumbs coating machine

1. Boneless chicken nuggets wrapping machine can be used regardless of fine bran or coarse bran;

2. More than 600, 400, and 100 models are available;

3. There are reliable safety protection devices;

4. The thickness of the upper and lower powder layers is adjustable;

5. Powerful fan and vibrator remove excess powder;

6. Multiple parts can be adjusted to effectively control the amount of bran;

7. It can be used in connection with quick-freezing machines, frying machines, battering machines, etc., so as to realize continuous production;

8. The whole machine is made of stainless steel, with novel design, reasonable structure and reliable performance.

Scope of application

Battered products in strips, blocks, and flakes; chicken fillets, chicken chops, pipa legs, chicken popcorn, lucky chicken nuggets, meat pies, chicken sticks, corn cakes, eggplant boxes, lotus root, tenderloin patties, steaks, Sweet potato balls, spring rolls, pot-packed meat, etc. can be starched;

Wrapping of breadcrumbs on the surface of fish sticks, squid sticks, shrimp, scallops, butterfly shrimp, fish fillets, fish nuggets, fish steaks, squid fillets, small whitebait, oysters, etc. during the deep processing of aquatic products;

In the convenience food category, wrapping surface flavorings such as potato chips, potato cubes, sweet potato balls, konjac cakes, meat slices, noodle rolls, seaweed meat rolls, Tang Yang food, and tempura.


Model SXJ-600
Belt Width 600mm
Belt Speed

3-15m/min Adjustbale

Input height 1050±50mm
Output heigt 1050±50mm
Power 3.7KW
Dimension 2638x1056x2240mm

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