Frozen Bone/Boneless Meat Cube Cutting Machine Dicer in China

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The meat dicing machine has a compact structure and adopts an optimized hygienic design. The casing and the cutting knife grid are made of stainless steel. The cutting knife adopts double-edged cutting with high work efficiency.

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Features of meat stripe cutting machine

1. The working speed of the fully automatic chicken nugget cutting machine is fully automatic mode. Just put the whole chicken or chicken legs into the machine, and it can cut 800 kg per hour.

2. The body is designed as a flat body with all stainless steel sealing plates, which is in line with food hygiene and easy to clean.

3. Stainless steel machine door with special surface treatment, easy to clean and maintain.

4. The reinforced design of the thickness adjustment plate is convenient for adjusting the processing thickness, and it will not shake when moving.

5. It is equipped with a safety bar design to improve work safety.

6. The machine is waterproof, easy to clean, safe and hygienic.

7. The automatic chicken nugget cutting machine has the advantages of compact structure, beautiful appearance, easy operation, high efficiency, low power consumption, easy cleaning and maintenance, and good bone cutting effect.

Applicable situations

The automatic chicken nugget cutting machine is suitable for chopping and cutting chicken nuggets, frozen meat, frozen chicken, and frozen fish. It is widely used in large, medium and small food processing plants, slaughterhouses, and meat joint processing plants.

Ordering instructions

1. All products of our company have a one-year shelf life. During the product warranty period, our company provides free maintenance services and free replacement of components and accessories for failures caused by product quality problems. Lifetime paid warranty is implemented outside the warranty period;

2. Customized products can be customized according to customer requirements, and the products are packaged according to wooden boxes, wooden frames, film coverings, etc.;

3. All products are shipped with detailed instructions and some vulnerable parts, and provide professional free product use, maintenance, repair, maintenance and routine troubleshooting knowledge training to ensure that users can use our products correctly;

4. The wearing parts within the warranty period of the equipment will be provided free of charge, and we promise to guarantee the supply of 


Model QDJ400
Rated voltage 380V/3P 50HZ 
Total power 4KW 
Knife speed 30-80 times/minute (adjustable) 
Blade Length 450mm 
Effective cutting width 400mm
Dimensions 1200mm*780mm*1400mm 
Feeding method  continuous

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