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CXJ-100 Meat onion rings making Machine is suitable for forming various minced meat patties; it can produce products of various specifications by changing the size and thickness of the forming opening. It is an ideal equipment for hamburger pie food processing enterprises.

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Features of chicken breast slicing machine

1. The meat onion rings forming machine is designed and manufactured according to the safety, sanitation and process requirements of meat food processing machinery.

2. The frame and the parts in contact with meat are made of stainless steel and molecular polyethylene;

3. When in use, the machine runs smoothly with low noise;

4. The electrical appliance adopts a waterproof switch with high protection level.

5. The structural design of the synchronous operation of the feeding paddle and the forming drum ensures more material feeding and consistent forming pressure;

6. In order to make the adjustment of the thickness of the formed patties convenient and accurate, the mold core part is designed to be integrally detachable.

7. The machine has reasonable design, convenient cleaning, simple and safe operation.

Advancements of onion rings maker machine

1. It can automatically complete the filling, forming, pasting, output and other processes of stuffing;

2. Products of different shapes can be produced by changing different molds;

3. Easy to clean, simple and safe to operate;

Applicable situation

1. This Auto patty maker can make hamburger patties, chicken nuggets, onion rings, potato patties, pumpkin pies, etc.

2. It is suitable for meat processing plants, catering industries, food distribution centers and other units.

Detail drawing

onion ring forming machine part
onion ring making machine


Model CXJ-100
Power 0.55KW
Belt Width 100mm
Weight 145kg
Capacity 35pcs/min
Dimension 860x600x1400mm

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