Shandong Lizhi Machinery Co., Ltd. product quality management

A company's product quality management directly or indirectly determines the company's development. Therefore, in order to go one step further, externally create a company image that wins by quality, and internally allow employees to perform their duties and carry out various production tasks in an orderly manner, our company has formulated a series of product quality management systems and strictly abides by various ordinance.

1. Before the production, such as of the fresh meat slicer, the materials must be randomly checked to prevent the materials from being unqualified; if the raw materials of the meat slicing machine are found to be unqualified during the production process, the quality inspection department should be notified in time, and the quality inspection department should decide whether to use the material and how to use it, and return the unqualified materials in time Material warehouse.

2. During the production process, production administrators should strengthen product quality inspections to eliminate factors such as improper operation methods of employees, poor operation of machinery and equipment (such as improper debugging of machine functions), and disordered logistics that affect product quality variation.

3. If there is a variation in product quality during the production process, the production manager should promptly notify the relevant personnel of the quality inspection department, and if it may affect the product delivery date, the production manager should be notified in time.

4. The production workshop must produce in strict accordance with the quality requirements of the contract. If the quality inspection department has other quality requirements, the production in the production workshop must also meet the requirements of the contract and the quality inspection department. During the production process, if the quality inspection department finds any abnormal product and must stop production, and the production can only be resumed after the quality inspection department informs that it can resume production.

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Post time: Dec-03-2022