How to maintain the dicing machine in use daily

How to maintain the dicing machine that is being used in daily life. Now there are many such equipment in many vegetable processing factories. It can not only be used to cut vegetables, but also can be used to cut dehydrated vegetables and quick-frozen vegetables. For some pickles dicing machines is also available. When we use the dicing machine, we also need maintenance.


1. After each use, it is a basic measure to clean. Only after cleaning can the smooth flow of materials be guaranteed and the equipment can be kept clean.

2. After we use the dicing machine, we also need to check whether the knives are damaged. We also need to disassemble these knives regularly for cleaning.

3. Of course, you must be extra careful when disassembling, otherwise it is easy to hurt your hands. For maintenance, use food oil, which is odorless and non-toxic.


4. Before installing the dicing machine, we need to apply some oil on the shaft, so that it is more convenient to disassemble. For the gears and chains of the equipment, we should also pay attention to regular oiling, so that the equipment can run smoothly. If they are rusted, it will be more troublesome.

We often use dicing machines, but often neglect the maintenance of the equipment. In fact, this kind of machine also needs regular maintenance. Only by doing a good job of maintenance can the failure of the machine be reduced and its use can be extended as much as possible.

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Post time: May-04-2023