Why do clients choose our Drum breader (preduster)?

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During in recent 3 years, We have sold more than 150 lines of Drum Breader line. Why do so many clients choose our Drum breader?

1. We design pre breading input and lifting device that can coat a layer of flour before fresh meat enter drum, so it prevents moisture content of meat into drum

As all know, if exceed moisture content of meat comes into drum, flour is easy to form big block

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2. We choose screw design to lift flour, lfter not only owns lifting function but also owns stiring function, Flour is not prone to clumping and is coated more evenly


3. Can you see our drum is full of mesh? Flour with weak bonding will be screened out so that it cannot enter the fryer

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4. The internal wrinkles are raised but not sharp, allowing the powder and meat to rotate without causing damage to the coated product


5. When the output module rotates, it causes the mesh belt to jump, and the finished product that falls from the drum further sieves off the loosely bonded flour on the mesh belt


6. Rotary vibrating screen: automatically recycles the outer circulation part of the wrapped powder, effectively separating and recycling the granular wet powder in the wrapped powder, effectively reducing waste powder, improving product quality, and saving production costs


End products: 

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Post time: Nov-06-2023