What kind of products shapes can meat pie maker do?

The meat pie forming machine is a machine equipment for automatically processing and forming meat pies. This machine is made of 304 stainless steel with exquisite appearance design. The machine is equipped with mobile casters, which is convenient and fast to move. The upper protective cover is equipped with a cover-opening sensor emergency stop function, which can effectively prevent accidents. This machine can be used to process and shape meat patties, beef burgers, potato cakes, etc. The conventionally configured mold is a round mold, and square, triangle, star and other different shapes of molds can also be customized according to needs. The diameter of the conventional mold of the machine can be customized between 30-100mm, and it can process 2100 pieces in one hour, and the thickness of the meatloaf can be adjusted between 6-16mm. When the machine starts to work, pour the stuffing into the hopper, then it can be automatically formed and transported out through the mesh chain conveyor belt.


The machine is easy to disassemble and clean, and the whole set of molds can be easily disassembled, saving trouble and effort. The whole machine is fully enclosed and protected, and can be washed directly with water when cleaning.

Lizhi automatic meat pie forming machine has strong versatility. It is equipped with a 30L large-capacity hopper, which can discharge more materials at a time. There is a scraper inside to make the meat filling materials evenly squeezed and formed. It is equipped with an automatic sticker device, automatic stickers, contact The food is safer, and the net chain material collection conveyor belt is more convenient for receiving materials.


The round pie grinding tools of this patty forming machine can be customized between 30-100mm in diameter, the thickness of the patty can be adjusted between 6-16mm, and other shapes of forming abrasives can also be customized according to actual needs, such as heart-shaped , Pentagram, polygon and so on.


Post time: Aug-08-2023