The Advantages of the mold and template of AMF600V Forming Machine

AMF600V automatic forming machine is suitable for forming poultry, fish, shrimp, potatoes and vegetables. It is suitable for the molding of minced meat, block and granular raw materials. By changing the template and punch, it can produce products in the shape of hamburger patties, chicken nuggets, onion rings, etc.

The Advantages of the mold and1

The template, mold and punch of the 600v patty forming machine are used to process the minced meat into the designed shape and weight, which can be processed into triangular, rectangular, round, heart-shaped and special-shaped products to produce hamburger patties, chicken nuggets, chicken Willow, fish steak and other products are welcomed by customers at home and abroad.


The Advantages of the mold and3
The Advantages of the mold and4
The Advantages of the mold and2

The product is punched out of the template neatly through the punch, and the punch with ventilation and water can be designed to make the product ejection more convenient and easy to clean. The punch is made of food-grade PE material, and the template is processed and assembled with POM material imported from Europe, which effectively guarantees the service life of the template. The specifications are customized according to customer requirements. Advanced computer design and production ensure the accuracy of product shape and quality.

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