Strip cutter ——with a wide range of application features

As our strip cutter owns high capacity, long service life and easy maintainance and other features, both our clients in homeland and oversea friends like it very much. I have received many thumbs up from them

The first one is from our friend from Switerland

asd (1)
asd (2)
asd (3)

What kind of products does he cut? Cow stomach:

asd (4)

His worker manufactured by manual before, After he got our strip cutter, Significant increased in productivity, he was very happy and satisfied with it, so gave us a thumbs up!

The second one is from our friend from Mexico

asd (5)

What kind of product does he cut? Dry beef

asd (6)

The third one is from our friend from Spain.

asd (7)

What kind of product dees he cut? Chicken cube

asd (8)

Besides the above application, it has other ranges of application 


asd (9)


asd (10)

Cow and lamb lung/liver

asd (11)

kidney flower

asd (12)

Now we have 3 types of Strip cutter: They are QTJ300/QTJ300V/QTJ500 availiable for different raw material, different end products, There's always one for you!


Post time: Nov-30-2023