Precautions in the use of single-channel meat slicing machine

With the rapid development of the food industry, single-channel slicers have been widely used. They all adopt double-hob structure, and there are two types: horizontal and vertical. It is well received by consumers. Consumers can compare the renderings of single-channel slicers when purchasing single-channel slicers. They can refer to the driving force of various styles of single-channel slicers and the principle of knife comb and meat cutting parts to choose a suitable single-channel slicer. machine type. The following is an introduction to the matters needing attention in the use of single-channel slicer.

meat slicing machine1

1. Wash before use

The blades of high-quality single-channel slicers are generally relatively large in diameter. The advantage is that they can run smoothly, which can make meat cutting faster and solve the problem of cutting a lot of meat. Therefore, the load on the blade is relatively large, so before each use To clean, try to use warm water when cleaning, do not wet the motor.

meat slicing machine2

2. Check the blade rotation when starting up

The single-channel slicer is widely used in various catering industries, so it needs to process a large amount of sliced meat. Its blades are very sharp and durable after high-temperature treatment, so be sure to pay attention to safety when using them, and check the direction of the blades before starting work. When starting up, check the steering of the blade first. Once it is found that the steering is reversed, it should be corrected immediately to ensure smooth work.

3. Shut down and clean after use for maintenance

Good-quality single-channel microtome models are generally bulky, so after use, the power should be turned off in time to clean up, remove debris, remove the detachable parts, wash them with hot water, and then install them. Moisture, and then coated with edible oil, basic maintenance and maintenance of the single-channel slicer to extend its service life.

Post time: Mar-27-2023