Morning Meeting routine in workshop

Firstly, we talk about safety, emphasizing the importance of safety,reminding, criticizing, educating and reflecting on recent violations of safety regulations;

Then our workshop manager arranges production tasks in the morning, throughout the day and even in the near future. Allocate personnel to ensure the completion of tasks.

The production workshop is the workshop where enterprises and factories produce products. It is the main production place of enterprises and factories, and it is also the key place for safe production. The main tasks of the production workshop are:

One is to rationally organize production. According to the planned tasks issued by the factory department, arrange production and work tasks for each section of the workshop, organize and balance production, so that people, money, and materials can be effectively operated and optimal economic benefits can be obtained.

The second is to improve the workshop management system. Formulate various management systems and the job responsibilities and work standards of various personnel in the workshop. Make sure that everything is managed, everyone has a full-time job, work has standards, inspections have basis, and strengthen workshop management.

Third, we must strengthen technological discipline. Strict technical management, improve consumption and quality management system, while ensuring production tasks, strive to reduce production costs, improve product quality, and use various elements put into the workshop production process in the most optimal way, the most reasonable and most effective way Organized to achieve the highest economic efficiency.

The fourth is to achieve safe production. Safety management must focus on the control of the operation process. To establish a management assessment mechanism, managers must strengthen the inspection and supervision of the on-site operation process, truly discover and deal with potential safety hazards in the dynamic process, and eliminate formalism.



Post time: Jan-06-2023