Instructions for use of vegetable slicer and cutter


The cutting surface of vegetable cutter is smooth and has no scratches, and the knife is not connected. The thickness can be adjusted freely. The cutting slices, strips, and silk are smooth and even without breakage. Made of high-quality stainless steel, with external water inlet lubrication port, no wearing parts, centrifugal working principle, small equipment vibration and long service life

vegetable slice

Overall dimension: 650*440*860mm
Machine weight: 75kg
Power: 0.75kw/220v
Capacity: 300-500kg/h
Slice thickness: 1/2/3/4/5/6/7/mm
Strip thickness: 2/3/4/5/6/7/8/9mm
Diced size: 8/10/12/15/20/25/30/mm
Note: delivery equipment includes 3 types of blades: 
Blades can be customerized, 

Functions: beautiful and tall product, 304 stainless steel body, imported core components with guaranteed quality, specialized in cutting root vegetables such as potatoes and carrots. There are a variety of knife plates to choose from. It is convenient to change knives and clean.

Use: commonly used for cutting, shredding and dicing rhizomes. It can cut radish, carrots, potatoes, sweet potatoes, taros, cucumbers, onions, bamboo shoots, eggplants, Chinese herbal medicine, ginseng, American ginseng, papaya, etc.

Installation and debugging

1.Place the machine on a level working site and ensure that the machine is placed stably and reliably.

2.Check each part before use to see whether the fasteners have become loose during transportation, whether the switch and power cord are damaged due to transportation, and take corresponding measures in a timely manner.

3.Check whether there are foreign objects in the rotating barrel or on the conveyor belt. If there are foreign objects, It must be cleaned to avoid tool damage.

4 Make sure the power supply voltage is consistent with the rated voltage of the machine. Ground in the field and reliably ground the marked place. Extend the power cord and find a professional electrician to connect the machine power cord to the all-pole disconnection and wide-open distance power supply.


5.Turn on the power, press the "ON" button, and check the steering and V belt. The wheel's steering is correct if it is consistent with the indication. Otherwise, cut off the power and adjust the wiring.

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1.Trial cut before working, and observe whether the specifications of the vegetables being cut are consistent with the required specifications. Otherwise, the thickness of the slices or the length of the vegetables should be adjusted. After the requirements are met, normal work can be carried out.

2.Install the vertical knife. Install the vertical knife on the smart vegetable cutter: Place the vertical knife on the fixed knife plate. The cutting edge is in parallel contact with the lower end of the fixed knife plate. The fixed knife plate is pinned on the knife holder. Tighten the cutter nut and remove it. Just set the blade.

3.Install the vertical knife on other vegetable cutters: first turn the adjustable eccentric wheel to move the knife holder to the bottom dead center, then lift the knife holder up 1/2 mm to make the vertical knife contact the conveyor belt, and then tighten the nut. Fasten the vertical knife to the knife holder. Note: The lifting height of the elevated rack can be adjusted according to the vegetables being cut. If the elevated height is too small, the vegetables may be cut. If the elevated height is too large, the conveyor belt may be cut.

4.Adjust the length of cutting vegetables: Observe whether the length value displayed on the control panel matches the required length. Press the increase button when increasing the length, and press the decrease button when decreasing the length. Other vegetable cutter adjustments: Turn the adjustable eccentric wheel and loosen the connecting rod fastening screw. When cutting thin wires, the fulcrum can be moved from outside to inside; when cutting thick wires, the fulcrum can be moved from inside to outside. After adjustment, tighten the adjustment. screws.

5. Slice thickness adjustment. Select the appropriate adjustment method according to the structure of the slicing mechanism. Note: The gap between the blade of the knife and the dial is preferably 0.5-1 mm, otherwise it will affect the quality of cutting vegetables.

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