How to control machine quality, start from me!

 If a machine is compared to a person, every part is its organ. If a small organ goes wrong, it is likely to lead to the scrapping of the whole machine. Therefore, we began to strengthen daily management and require each worker to take photos and upload their labor fruits every day, which can not only make quality supervision more powerful, but also make evaluation more convenient

Our main products are used for chicken beef fish, they are fresh meat chicken nuget hamburger forming machine, battering machine, breading machine, slicing machine, cutting machine, dicing machie, Flat preduster,Drum preduster, Flattening machien, Ice water coating machine,Bucket lift and Net belt machine

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Till today, we have exported to our machine to more than 20 countries, Such as USA,Canada, Mexico,Spain, England, Switzerland, Russia, Peru,South Africa, Australia,Korea, Singapore,Korea, Vietam and other countries

We have no magic weapon for success, we only have the spirit of hard work; We are not saints, but we are ordinary kind people who can think over questions from the standpoint of customers

Our machines have saved a lot of raw materials for customers, have saved labor for customers and have received widespread praise for their durability. We welcome more foreign friends to consult and use our products. Your visit will receive our warm reception



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Post time: Oct-25-2023