Fresh Meat Slicer Cut 3mm chicken breast

The FQJ200-2 fresh meat slicer is professionally used for fresh or cooked chicken breast, duck breast, tenderloin slices, snowflake chicken fillet, boneless chicken fillet slices, and it is a one-time multi-slice cutting of chicken breast meat (horizontal) whole meat, that is, one piece The complete chicken and duck breasts are placed on the conveyor belt of the machine, and the chicken breasts are cut after the conveyor belt passes over.

The cutting effect of automatic meat slicer is as shown in the following:

3mm cuting effect1

Features of meat slicing machine:
1. The product passes through the conveying belt and is clamped by the guide bar, and the meat is cut into pieces.
2. Accurate cutting quality, the thinnest can reach 2.5mm, multi-layer slicing, high efficiency, up to 8 layers.
3. Double channel operation, high output, up to 1.2 tons per hour.
4. It can cut products of different thickness by changing the knife holder. The blade is made of imported material, which has good toughness, high hardness and long service life. It will never break during high-frequency movement and work, which reduces the cost of the product
5. The whole fresh meat slicing machine adopts imported bearings, with fine workmanship and high wear resistance. The tool holders are equipped with copper sleeves, which ensures the service life, improves the trouble of frequent disassembly and replacement of bearings, and ensures the stability of the production process.
6. The whole frame is made of stainless steel square tube, which is beautiful and pollution-free, increases the weight and service life of the whole machine, and ensures the stability of the machine during high-frequency cutting the unique transmission box design effectively reduces the maintenance cost.
7. Electrical components are all domestic and foreign first-line brands such as Siemens, Hepmont Inverter, Weidmuller, etc. The waterproof level of the motor is IP65, which ensures that the control part is durable and has a low failure rate.

Post time: Dec-03-2022